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Intelligent Transport Services, serving clients using Intelligent Transport Systems.

ITS Australia defines “Intelligent Transport Systems” as:

The application of modern computer and communications technologies to transport systems to increase efficiency, reduce pollution and other environmental effects of transport and to increase the safety of the travelling public.

ITS Pty Ltd assists our customers with services designed to ensure that their transport management and information systems realise these goals.  Our advice is independent because we have no commercial arrangements with any providers of intelligent transport systems, field equipment or networks.

Refer to our services lifecycle pages for details of the ITS Project Lifecycle and how our services can assist in each stage of delivery.

“ITS Working...”

The founder and principal of Intelligent Transport Services Pty Ltd is David Johnston.  Dave has been working with Intelligent Transport Systems since 1982.  During this time, he has been involved in all aspects of procurement and operation of intelligent transport systems. He knows how to make Intelligent Transport Systems work because he's done it, not because he’s read about it.

“We would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how we can maximize the performance and benefits of your current and future transport management and information systems.”

Dave Johnston      
Consulting Engineer - ITS
B.Eng (Elec),  Grad Cert Eng (Transport),  RPEQ, MIEAust
Email: davej@its.net.au
Mob: 0418 745 746

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